Learn how to sell 30 tickets to your next gig with our FREE Video Course in only 30 days.

We're remixing everything in our spinme.com Artist Development Series into a FREE course designed to boost your career as a working musician.

What we'll cover over our next month together:

Cultivating Your Audience

We'll use exercises from my books (Grow Your Band's Audience and More Gigs Now) to help you learn how to get from the audience you've got now to the group of true patrons willing to support your work over time.​

Speaking About Your Art

We'll explore how to overcome your own resistance to sharing your work with people you know, and how to speak confidently about what you want to achieve as an artist.

Asking for the Right Kind of Support

We'll show you how asking for help doesn't mean "selling out," and how a simple request for your fans can build strong relationships with talent bookers.

I'm taking everything I've learned about music marketing and focusing in on your first thirty days as a successful working musician. No matter what you've heard about building YouTube audiences or becoming a social media influencer, getting fans out to your shows is still the most important way you can build trust with talent buyers, booking agents, and other partners who'll become essential to your success.

Joe Taylor Jr. 
Author, Music Manager, Marketing Consultant


Our team has sold music marketing books and artist development courses for over sixteen years, and this is the first time we've ever offered this much of our material for free. When our accountants find out, they're gonna make us take this all down. So hop in now, before we start charging money for it again!